Il Giro dei Venti

Il Giro dei Venti

Out of the ordinary. Into the adventure.

Out of the ordinary. Into the adventure. Il Giro dei Venti is a one-of-a-kind, exclusive, engaging experience that combines the thrill of exploring and a passion for sports.

An international event, tailor-made for cycling and sailing enthusiasts and amateurs.

An itinerary that unites the discovery of new destinations, the eagerness to test one’s limits, and the value of sharing and collaboration through teamwork.

A sport and wellness adventure, divided into stages and diverse routes, where teams of two cyclists and sailors compete. Drawn by lottery, the cycling teams go head-to-head in time trial sections, surrounded by the breathtaking panoramas of Salento and Greece. On board, the crystal-clear waters of the Adriatic and Ionian seas provide a stunning backdrop for sailing along the coast.

An opportunity to partake in new and exciting experiences, immersed in the colors, flavors, history and culture of Salento and Greece. An emotional journey made up of amazing landscapes and centuries-old traditions.

Much more than a holiday. Much more than a sporting competition.

This is Il Giro dei Venti, 2023 edition.

Step out of the ordinary. Embrace the adventure.

Il Giro dei Venti
Il Giro dei Venti

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