IL GIRO DEI VENTI is an 8-day adrenaline-pumping adventure aimed at an international audience, which, throughcycling and sailing creates unprecedented experiences along the picturesque coasts of Salento and Greece.

Born in 2022 thanks to the initiative of visionary Cavaliere Sergio Filograna, this event was conceived as an ideal extension of the wellness experience offered by the group whose CEO and founder he is: Workness, a multidisciplinary and people-first place.

The main objective of IL GIRO DEI VENTI is to promote health and wellness through sports, while offering a unique opportunity to explore the extraordinary characteristics of the Salento and Greek territory, organizing unforgettable experiences.

Combining sports, wellness and territorial discovery, IL GIRO DEI VENTI is positioned as an innovative and engaging event unico to the world: a path that combines the joy of theexploration and of theadventure with a passion for sports, the enthusiasm to challenge themselves with the value of the sharing and of the collaboration Through teamwork.


From the very first moment, companies look to IL GIRO DEI VENTI as a great opportunity for team building, due to the coexistence of elements related to team competition (cohesion, collaboration, sacrifice) with elements related to interaction and experience sharing.

It is an event in which participants must work together to achieve the best results, making use of everyone’s skills and expertise, immersed in nature and extraordinary experiences. These characteristics make IL GIRO DEI VENTI the ideal event to create some indelible team memories, in order to unite, raise awareness and motivate members of the teams that drive the success of companies.


In parallel with team building, IL GIRO DEI VENTI creates an environment conducive to networking, involving an international audience of participants from diverse backgrounds, which makes the experience beneficial both personally and professionally.

On a personal level, it allows athletes to create new friendships, discover new passions and enjoy shared experiences within a diverse group of people who share a passion for sports and adventure. From a professional point of view, IL GIRO DEI VENTI, can open doors to new job opportunities, of business, of partnerships or exchange of knowledge and skills. Indeed, during the event, you have the opportunity to interact and collaborate with people from different industries and sectors. Additional professional networking opportunities are provided by the involvement of sponsors e partners also present in the IL GIRO DEI VENTI village, enabling participants to connect with potential collaborators for future projects, thus contributing to the growth and success in their own field of work.


Not only sports and experience for team building and networking, but also commitment to environment, territory, society and future.

THE TURN OF THE WINDS offers, in fact, all participants the opportunity to contribute in CSR activities through the organization of events and the promotion of healthy lifestyles aimed atthe enhancement of the territory and respect for the environment.

In particular, thanks to the collaboration with theOlivaMi Association, IL GIRO DEI VENTI involves all participants in the activity of reforestation of Salento lands affected by the Xylella bacterium (which has led to the death of olive trees in Salento), through the planting of new olive trees.

During the event, a number of different charitable initiatives such as a fundraiser in favor of the Pediatric Oncohematology Division of the Vito Fazzi Hospital in Lecce, Italy., aimed at buying clothing and toys to bring a smile and some comfort to young patients during their treatment journey. Finally, the experiences are designed to recreating the bond (now lost) between man and nature, causing its beauty to be rediscovered: the night in glamping in Porto Badisco, where participants come face to face with unspoiled nature, or Blue Therapy, which promotes a deep connection with the marine environment, fostering feelings of calm and well-being, are some of the initiatives with which this purpose is pursued.

The goal is to directly engage participants so that they become the key players in sustainability, charitable and environmental initiatives.